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 Carlo Finucci in action vs Cardiff Devils

Carlo Finucci grew up in the city of Burnaby in British Colombia, Canada. Burnaby is located east of Vancouver and is the third-largest city in British Columbia by population (over 230,000). Burnaby is also the hometown of some well-known global stars including NHL legend Joe Sakic, actor Michael J. Fox and singer Michael Bublé.

Finucci grew up on the ice like most Canadian kids, however he also split his time playing football, no not 'American Football' but 'proper football'. Like all juniors growing up Carlo spent time in all positions on the ice and loved spending hours honing his skills. "My earliest memories are definitely how much fun the game was at such a young age, before things got so serious as you I got older. Back then your playing all different positions, I even had a couple attempts as a netminder which I'm glad I didn't pursue!

"Hockey and football were my main sports growing up. On the weekends my parents were running me from the football pitch soaked from the rain straight to the ice rink rushing to put my hockey gear on.

"My coaches from both sports were great as they allowed me to play both all the way up until I was 16. Then it became too conflicting and I chose hockey, being in Canada I figured that was a good choice to move on with."

Having made the decision to focus on his hockey, Finucci iced in the Pacific Junior Hockey League with Port Coquitlam Buckeroos before stepping up to the British Colombia Hockey League with Coquitlam Express.

Finucci spent 3 seasons in the BCHL icing in 209 games, scoring 58 goals and 121 assists before heading off to the University of Alasaka-Fairbanks majoring in a Communications degree. "I chose it because I was interested in how people communicate and interact with each other in different society's or settings. I was not much of a numbers guy so that pushed me in that direction as well.

"The hockey program at Alaska-Fairbanks was first class, we were the biggest show in town and got between 3-5 thousands fans. The travel was tough sometimes but we played some great schools in our conference so it was all worth it.

"I met some amazing people there and life long friends!"

During his 4 collegiate years, Carlo iced in 122 games with the Nanooks and scored 18 goals and 35 assists.

Following his 4 years at Alaska-Fairbanks, Finucci spent his first pro-season in the ECHL with Las Vegas Wranglers, one of only 2 professional sports teams in 'Sin City' at the time.

During his time with the Wranglers Finucci iced alongside a number of current and former EIHL players in Scott Pitt (Braehead/Manchester), Jamie Fritsch (Braehead), Joe Fallon (Dundee), Josh Godfrey (Coventry) and Travis Fullerton (Edinburgh/Dundee/Guildford).

In his 2 seasons in the ECHL with Las Vegas, via a short spell in Evansville, Finucci iced in 109 games, scoring 14 goals and 33 assists. Finucci recalls his time with the Wranglers. "At that time there were only two sports franchises there, the Wranglers and a minor league baseball team and our seasons didn't cross.

"The fans were awesome, to many of them the game of hockey was new but they cheered and enjoyed the fast pace game and the physicality. We would get some really great turnouts sometimes as high as 9-10 thousand. They did excellent promotions nights to get people in the door.

"They also had a fan club that did a lot of great things for the players, stocking our team bus before roads trips with snacks and gatorades/waters etc, hosting BBQ's, little things like that just made things easier on the staff and players.

"It was sad to see the team leave but it's amazing they get an NHL franchise (Vegas Golden Knights) and I believe the support is there.

"The T-Mobile Arena is amazing, I was lucky enough to visit it at the NHL awards this past summer."

Following his time with Las Vegas, Carlo headed across the pond to Denmark, where he iced alongside former Flyers defenceman, Philippe Paquet. Finucci spent 1 season in the Metal Ligaen, playing in 44 games and scoring 20 goals and 20 assists.

"The Danish league is less physical then the EIHL. The imports in the EIHL are predominately North American and play a more physical game that we are use to.

"In Denmark it is only 8 imports and it's usually a mix of other Scandinavian countries with some North Americans, etc.

"The hockey is very fast paced and really professional. The Danish players are top end and are great skaters as well having high skill sets. You can see it translating in their national team being in the top flight worlds and world juniors."

Following his year in Denmark, Carlo spent a season playing for GB netminder legend Stevie Lyle at the Swindon Wildcats in the EPIHL. "At first I had my doubts as I did some research and noticed not many players move up and out from that league. The imports were mostly older players that played in good leagues but were on their way out.

"I was surprised when I got there at the level of the imports in the league and it was first glimpse of British ice hockey players. I'm glad they were able to merge with the NIHL to give the players a solid league to develop in."

During his time in Swindon, Finucci averaged over a point per game, scoring 30 goals and 19 assists in 43 games.

Going into his 4th season with Fife, Finucci has reached the clubs 2nd top point scorer position for the Elite Ice Hockey League, only 2nd behind Bobby Chaumont. In 165 regular season games, Finucci has scored 154 points (60 goals and 94 assists) to average 0.93 points per game. In total the Italian/Canadian forward has tallied 172 points in just 3 seasons.


Sheffield Steelers Sheffield 14 18
Belfast Giants Belfast 11 18
Glasgow Clan Glasgow 12 17
Cardiff Devils Cardiff 10 14
Coventry Blaze Coventry 13 14
Fife Flyers Fife 13 13
Guilford Flames Guildford 12 12
Nottingham Panthers Nottingham 13 11
Dundee Stars Dundee 15 7
Manchester Manchester 11 7
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