Tuesday July 16, 2019

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The following incident took place on Sunday 16th Oct during the game between Fife Flyers Vs Braehead Clan.



Clan player Jay Rosehill repeatedly checks Flyers player James Issacs from behind to the head. Lastly whilst Issacs head is face down on the ice.

Issacs received a 2+2 for the incident although the referee does not raise his arm until after Issacs has received a check to the head from behind and makes no attempt to retaliate.

The penalty was originally called as a cross-checking penalty however the above video clip clearly shows a cross check to the head from behind, which should be automatically reviewed, however as the penalty was incorrectly called during the game and on the game sheet, this doesn’t carry an automatic review, even though the video evidence clearly shows the dangerous actions.

Fife Flyers supplied the video clip of this incident during the course of Monday, the receipt of which was acknowledged and noted by DOPS, as they apparently don’t currently have access to the online video sharing system, 2 months in to the season. Which implies that they don’t have independent access to game footage for automatic review.

It should be noted that the game was also attended by a referee supervisor.

As this was a blatant cross check to the head from behind, the Flyers presumed that this would be automatically reviewed, but emailed a clip of the incident to be certain.

The incident was widely shared on social media, highlighting the incident and provoking much negative comment.

It is extremely disappointing that at this stage, no review has yet been carried out.

It is apparent from the comments, some of which are noted below, that this incident should be reviewed.


An EIHL spokesperson said the following “The wrong call was made. Sad this has been missed, unless we change our rules going forward this could well happen again.” 

  • This incident has been widely shared and is there for all to see.
  • Ice hockey is a tough physical sport, but this type of behaviour cannot be tolerated in any way, at any level of the sport.
  • In the interests of player safety, this incident must be reviewed and dealt with properly, player safety is paramount.
  • No rule can be used as an excuse for not properly addressing incidents such as this.
  • This incident has been widely viewed across multiple public platforms and cannot now be ignored on the grounds of a disputed minor technicality.


Player safety is paramount at this club and in the sport of ice hockey, and we must endeavour as a sport to properly regulate this.


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